Ellio is the gig workforce leader, connecting millions of people across the country to better opportunities that help them achieve their career goals.


My team @ Rugged Coastal and I designed a mobile app that would give employers a platform to post gigs, and gig workers a place to find and apply to them.


Branding was done by the Brand team before I engaged with the project. When they were ready to move into the mobile app work, I facilitated a Kickoff workshop with Ellio's founder to understand the target users, their needs, the requirements, and stakeholder expectations.


Product Design, UI/UX, Branding

Design Values


Reliable — Our platform has to work easily and consistently. Our design system needs to reinforce that commitment.


Transparent — We don’t have anything to hide and we operate our platform as an open book. This allows our clients to feel in control of their own outcomes. Our design system needs to reinforce that transparency through a simple and accessible look & feel.


Connected — Our clients count on the work we connect them with. 


Be the altruistic alternative to our competitors.

Create an easy to use, accessible platform.

Define and focus on a specific core demographic.

Remove the middleman and connect workers directly with employers.

Build a model that allows our users to keep more of their hard earned money.

Encourage and facilitate our user’s growth.

Be a resource for important and relevant information.


The first thing I did when I engaged with the team on this project was to design and facilitate a kick-off workshop. The goal of this workshop is to get the information neccesary to design the best product for our client and our users. At the end of the workshop we'd have:

  • An understanding of who the team is
  • Our Vision Statement
  • Understanding of the market/competitors
    • Our differentiators
  • Personas
  • Goals & Anti-Goals
  • Assumptions

Here's a summary of that workshop, which we did virtually using Zoom and Miro.



Job Seeker

Age (Design Focus): 30+
Income Range: 35-50k

Behaviors & Habits (e.g. hobbies, likes, dislikes)

  • Spending time with family
  • Going out to dinner

Pain Points (e.g. what they're struggling with)

  • Struggle to make ends meet
  • A little bit weary of technology or not very experience with it, have less acess
  • Difficult to get the job they want
  • Lack of professional direction
  • Doesn't know how to pitch themselves for the job they know they can do
  • They don't know how to get started with building experience

Needs & Goals

  • A living wage
  • Work/life balance, freedom, happiness
  • Lateral and upward mobility
    • Resources, advice on how to move up
  • Stability
  • One day off a week, and no guilt or loss of money because of that
  • Companies willing to hire them — feeling hopeful/valuable
  • Accessibility
    • Physical disability, mental health resources & understanding, age
  • A sense of community
  • Want to have pride in themselves, build their self confidence

Job Poster

Age N/A
Goal Compensation Range: $ 15/hr+

Behaviors & Habits (e.g. hobbies, likes, dislikes)

  • Jobs based on output (e.g. I need forty palettes put away)
  • Likes hiring consistently trustworthy and productive workers
  • Will hire someone who has great reviews and experience over someone who does not

Pain Points (e.g. what they're struggling with)

  • Gigs go to larger/higher paying businesses before smaller businesses
  • They have trouble finding consistent workers/employees to fill their needs

Needs & Goals

  • Hire responsible, trustworthy workers in a timely manner in order to justify hourly wage
  • Tools for managers
    • Tools for how to interact with and help their gig workers
  • Need to post jobs at different levels of urgency (immediate need, hourly job, weekly job, etc.)
  • Want to offer a healthy, safe, and enjoyable work environment
  • I need to define the skills, qualifications, and/or experience specific to my job posting and see who matches those best


Age N/A
Income Range N/A

Behaviors & Habits (e.g. hobbies, likes, dislikes)

  • A social person
  • Likes to offer their help to those in need

Needs & Goals

  • Wants to help gig workers get jobs
  • Wants to help gig workers feel prepared and confident


After we understood the requirements from the Kickoff, the other UX Designer and I paired on turning those requirements into user flows for a feature set prioritized by our Project Manager. Those flows then turned into wireframes.


You can view the wireframes here.


The full design along with Ellio's value proposition can be found in the video below, which I art directed, produced, and edited (I also did the voice over, my first time as a voice actor 🙂)

A working Adobe XD prototype can be found here.

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